New Beginnings


As a freshman entering college, and a “kid” leaving home for the first time, I am switching the gears of my blog. In the past, “OnlyChad” was an entertainment, just for fun blog that was an attempt to target and appeal to larger audiences. Now, I still want to make connections with others, but I will write to stay connected with family and friends who care about me. Thus, appealing to a smaller audience and the content on this blog will be less general. No more random posts about silly things, reviews, or stuff like that. I will use this blog as a social networking site to publish daily, weekly, or monthly happenings in my life while I attend university to keep those I will not see as often, “in the loop”.

It will be different writing about myself and what’s going on in my life. But, with a big change, now is a better time than ever to create something new here on WordPress. Here’s to “New Beginnings”…